About "PaiNaiDii"

Where to go?

Has this ever happened to you? The weekend or a long-holiday arrives and you’re still wondering what to do, “where to go?” – It’s happened to me too!

Naturally, I turn to friends and the internet for ideas.

And what do you do when you want to go out for a nice meal? How do you know which restaurant will suit your need? Wouldn’t it nice if we could ask someone who’s been there before? How can you Read testimonials from actual customers, not just some “review” written by the restaurant owners themselves?

What about getting stuck at home not knowing where to go, wondering where you can find information about special events, movies, or exhibitions?

And when you go on vacation to the provinces, how can you find out about where to stay, what attraction to visit, where to shop and what to buy? What are the must-see destinations and must-do activities? And what’s the best way to get there? Armed with this information, you’re guaranteed to make the most out of your vacation.

Not only that, if someone can tell me about special offers, discount prices, that would be even better, right?

So, I’ve put that question “where to go” together with my love for special promotions, into the website: “PaiNaiDii.com” – which is a Thai phase for “where to go ?”

My teammates and I try to put our real experience into this website. It may not be complete or have much variety yet, but we’ll try our best.

So if you have comments and recommendations about places you have been based on your actual experience, please feel free to share them with us!

We hope you will find PaiNaiDii.com a useful guide whenever you wonder… where to go?