Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Do I have to sign up or register to use the site?

    PaiNaiDii : If you just want to read reviews, search for promotions, read about exhibitions and special events, or check out movie programs, there is no need to register. But to write reviews, use discount coupons, “check-in”, or participate in special activities organized by PaiNaiDii, you need to sign up.

    You can sign up free of charge, and all you need to tell us is your e-mail address and a password to protect your account. For certain special activities, such as prize raffles, you may need to input your name, address, and telephone number, so that our staff can send you the prize should you win.

  2. Are the reviews really written by actual customers?

    PaiNaiDii : Reviews that are written by PaiNaiDii staff are based on real experience as customers. On the other hand, we cannot verify reviews submitted by other users, but we do encourage reviews that are based on actual experience by real customers.

  3. Can you remove reviews that are written negatively or pictures that portray a business/shop/hotel/etc. in a negative light?

    PaiNaiDii : wants to act as a message board for actual customers to share their real experience with other interested customers. Negative comments should serve as a basis for business owners to improve their products or services. If you feel a review is not based on facts, or a picture is unfairly depicting your business, you can provide clarification in response to such review/picture.

  4. Why are some businesses that have already stopped operating still being shown on website?

    PaiNaiDii : PaiNaiDii is always trying to keep up with changes in the situation about each business listed on our site. We thank all users who help notify us about a business that has closed down. Once we verify your report of a business closure, we will classify that business as “closed” but we will continue to show it on our site, so that our users can still read reviews and see pictures.

  5. Some reviews use offensive language or unauthorized photographs, how do you deal with such cases?

    PaiNaiDii : If you see any review of such nature, please contact us and we will deal with them promptly. Thank you for helping to keep PaiNaiDii a friendly place!