Terms and Conditions of Service

www.PaiNaiDii.com is a website that provides a list of shops and businesses in Thailand to help its users make decision on purchases of goods and services, and share opinion, information, and photographs, about their experience with each shop and business.

In addition, www.PaiNaiDii.com give its users special privileges with discounts and promotion schemes, including special “PaiNaiDii” discount coupons, discount promotion by various credit cards, and special “Deal” and “Check-in” privileges from businesses throughout the country.

www.PaiNaiDii.com asks its users to carefully read the terms and conditions of service before accessing the website. Accessing the site implies that the users have agreed to the legally-binding terms and conditions of service specified herewith.

The terms and conditions of service specified by www.PaiNaiDii.com is to be considered equally valid regardless of the media through which they are expressed (i.e. through websites, mobile devices, or other devices)


Each of the site’s users can have only one account. In the event that www.PaiNaiDii.com offers special promotions to its members, including, but not limited to, special deals, discount coupons, check-in discounts, prizes, and special offers, the members would be eligible to receive only one such promotion per individual account. www.PaiNaiDii.com reserves the right to invalidate such promotions for and file legal charges against users who have violated this policy, such as individual users signing up for the service with multiple account using different names and e-mail addresses, or those who provided false information upon signing up, without needing to provide evidence of the investigation.

www.PaiNaiDii.com reserves the right to terminate the membership of users found to have provided false information which may adversely affect www.PaiNaiDii.com or other parties, including information that was provided in violation of any applicable law.

Privacy Policy

Information provided to www.PaiNaiDii.com by the users, either directly or through the website management system, is deemed a property of www.PaiNaiDii.com. www.PaiNaiDii.com shall protect the information to the best of its ability. In an event of data theft or loss through hacking or other unforeseeable circumstances, www.PaiNaiDii.com shall not be held liable for any damage that may occur.


www.PaiNaiDii.com hereby informs its users that the text, images, sound clips, materials, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets, presentation, and all objects that appear on the website are protected under copyrights laws and belong solely to www.PaiNaiDii.com (except for advertisement contents). Copying, duplicating, counterfeiting, and distributing such materials to the public, possession of such copyrighted materials for rental or other commercial purposes, without written permission from www.PaiNaiDii.com, will be subject to legal persecution.

In case anyone wishes to create a link to materials on www.PaiNaiDii.com on other websites, a written permission from www.PaiNaiDii.com is required.

Disclaimer Policy

Information, pictures, articles, opinions, and other materials presented on www.PaiNaiDii.com are meant to assist the site’s users in making purchasing decisions, to publicize information about each business, and to facilitate sharing of personal opinions among the users. The businesses and the users are responsible for such contents. Therefore, www.PaiNaiDii.com does not necessary agree with, and cannot verify the accuracy of, all the information that appears on the site, and thus it does not take any responsibility for any damage that may result from relying on such information, including information from external sites linked to www.PaiNaiDii.com. Such sharing of information does not imply legal rights, liability, nor obligations among the parties involved, including www.PaiNaiDii.com, the users, the owner of the information, the site’s members, and any relevant external party.

www.PaiNaiDii.com reserves the right to modify or terminate its service, either permanently or temporarily, without prior notification.

The act of providing information on www.PaiNaiDii.com is not to be considered consultation, advising, or assessment by www.PaiNaiDii.com. The site’s users must take his or her own responsibility in making decision based on such information and must be aware of the risk involved. If a user finds inaccurate information on the site, he or she may contact www.PaiNaiDii.com so that it can rectify the issue.

Commenting on businesses, deals, promotions, and articles on the website

www.PaiNaiDii.com reserves the rights to remove all or parts of a user’s comment without prior notice, if it deems that the comment or statement intend to, or appear as if it intends to:

  • - Use false information to harm a party’s reputation, to make threat and/or accusation on another party, including businesses or other site users.
  • - Distribute materials that contain inappropriate and/or illegal messages, such as sexual content.
  • - Distribute materials that violate copyrights laws and/or infringe upon others’ intellectually property rights, which are protected under Thai or international laws, including www.PaiNaiDii.com’s intellection properties, and those of a third party.

Prohibitions and penalties

Do not upload files that contain virus, files, programs or software that may adversely affect the operation of the website, including the hardware and software operated by www.PaiNaiDii.com and any third party.

If any user is found to have done so, and whose action has resulted in damages to the operation of www.PaiNaiDii.com, that user shall bear all responsibilities for the financial costs of such damage.


The users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their usernames and passwords, including for their action while using the website through their accounts. The users are liable for any damage caused by violations of the terms and conditions of service, whether by willful act or by negligence. The users cannot consider www.PaiNaiDii.com (including its staff, management, product manufacturers, branch companies, joint ventures, and business partners) as a responsible party for any damage, including any legal fee incurred.

Thailand Computer Crime Act B.E.2550

The user hereby affirms that he or she has studied and understand the Thailand Computer Crime Act B.E.2550, and agrees to comply with the Act and all related laws and regulations presently applied to the use of computers, as well as all such laws and regulations that may be enacted in the future.

Other conditions

www.PaiNaiDii.com reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of services and all other information without prior notice.